G & C Enclosures

ASSE 1060

Since its inception in 1906, The American Society of Sanitary Engineering has adopted the fundamental policy of "Prevention Rather Than Cure". This policy has been used in the formulation of programs to educate the plumbing industry and the public in the safe and correct manufacture and installation of plumbing components. Therefore, backflow prevention devices represent a large part of the ASSE Standards Program.

ASSE 1060, The Standard for Outdoor Enclosures for Backflow Prevention Assemblies was issued in 1996. G & C Enclosures was the first manufacturer to have its products certified under this new standard on 11 March, 1998.

The Standard includes enclosure types for freezing and non-freezing locations and segregates them into three basic classes.
Class I enclosures are freeze protection enclosures with heat sources and insulation.
Class II enclosures are freeze retardant enclosures with insulation only.
Class III enclosures are non-freeze protection enclosures with no insulation or heat.