G & C Enclosures

Features & Benefits

G & C has been designing, developing and manufacturing enclosures for fluid devices since 1987 which provides a history of proven performance and protection.

G & C was the first manufacturer in history to achieve ASSE 1060 listing for its enclosures. The testing was done by the University of Southern California Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research Laboratory. These facts reflect the quality and engineering inherent in G & C products.

Aluminum and stainless steel are used exclusively in the manufacture of G & C enclosures for superior corrosion resistance and minimum electrolysis.

G & C Enclosures are insulated with fiberglass reinforced closed cell polyisocyanurate board with aluminum facers on each side. This insulation is manufactured to G & C specifications by Dow Chemical Company under quality controlled conditions. There are several benefits:

1. R-Values are guaranteed with third party certificiation.
2. Aluminum facers are impervious to moisture in liquid or gaseous states.
3. The gases contained in the cells of the insulation have a relatively high R-Value. The aluminum facers prevent the loss of these gases and their replacement by air which has a lower R-Value. Thus, "thermal aging" or loss of R-Value over a period of time is greatly reduced.
4. The radiant energy emitted by G & C "RH" heaters is reflected by the aluminum facers and focused on the piping and backflow assemby where it is readily absorbed. This results in a very efficient heating system which allows the use of less power (wattage).
5. The insulation board is bonded to the outside aluminum skin of the enclosure with a water proof silicone based adhesive. It is also mechanically captured by the aluminum skin being formed around it and/or by the over lapping structural members. This feature keeps the insulation in place and promotes structural rigidity.

The G & C "RH" and "HCK" heaters are ETL or UL listed for use in damp or wet locations. This means that they are closed, liquid tight designs which meet the requirements of Article 424-12 of the 1999 and 2002 Editions of the National Electrical Code. Therefore, the engineer or water authority is relieved from the liability associated with specifying backflow preventer enclosures that use heaters that do not meet the Standards of the National Electrical Code. Remember that a UL or ETL listing alone is meaningless in this situation. The listing must state: "SUITABLE FOR USE IN DAMP OR WET LOCATIONS".

G & C modular enclosures are assembled at the factory, access doors are fitted with all hardware installed and matching color labels are affixed at each joint for simple and quick field installation. The units are then disassembled and custom packaged with very little air space left in the box for maximum shipping efficiency.

The patented drain closure mechanism used on G & C products is engineered to operate by gravity. Therefore it stays shut until it is activated by water head within the enclosure. There are no springs, ribbons, etc. to fail.